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Reopened and rowing responsibly. Bring a friend for Free and enjoy a socially distanced, All-in-One Workout in Nijmegen.

"It's like a cycling studio! Amazing workout, knowledged staff and a good vibe. I made new friends and we all had an awesome time!!"

Jeremias Haakana - First timer
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Isn't it better to try something new with a friend? Book a class, and bring a friend for FREE!


Get the perfect set up

Classes are held at the old concert venue at the Waalhalla. We've created the perfect Covid-19 proof environment, with 12 indoor rowers maximum capacity.


Give it your best

Rowing will be new for nearly everyone in class, so take your time. Enjoy your first class, and ask the coach alot of questions!


Enjoy the results

Over time, rowing get easier, and like working out in an indoor cycling class, you'll enjoy a good sweat; ready for your next workout.

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RoBox Fitness combines low-impact, full-body cardio training via the Indoor Rowing machine. Combined with strength based floor movements, it's the workout that's comfortable yet also will blow your mind.

World-Class Coaches

Our coaches are certified to build and teach both safe and exciting indoor and outdoor rowing environments.

Very Cardio, Very Healthy

Indoor Rowing provides measured environments to improve cardiovascular health and capacity for all athletic activity. And you might even loose some weight!

Full-Body & Low-Impact

The rowing stroke is a complete, repetitive exercise using all major muscle groups: legs, arms, back, abdomen and buttocks.

Customizable For Everyone

RoBox Fitness provides tailored fitness environments built for our entire community, not just the fitness elite.

Love the experience. Enjoy the results.

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