Corporation Row FAQ

What does a corporate learn-to-row day look like?

The option offers a unique program set to accommodate any corporation’s specific needs: half or full day event with flexible timing. Recognizing this takes place during business hours, this program is a favorite for organizations to bring in outside colleagues to have fun in a team environment. Your group will learn about the sport of rowing: the equipment, the basic technique on indoor rowing machines and on and water experience to apply newly acquired techniques. The day will finish off on a high note with a race on the water.

The day may include the following:

  • Catered lunch/breakfast/dinner/snacks or BBQ 
  • Meeting facilities 
  • Cash bar
  • Light refreshments and snacks
  • Coaching is given by a group of energetic, experienced coaching staff

What does a teambuilding row day look like?

This option offers organizational teams a chance to experience the sport of rowing first-hand under the guidance of professional coaches. Participants are divided into learning teams in which the ‘psychology of bonding’ are highlighted, and a discovery into their leadership style begins. Each team is introduced to the indoor rowing machine, the rowing shell, and is trained on how to row an eight person boat efficiently. As the day progresses, tactile feedback is used to improve the individual rowers’ skills. Focus and attention is shifted toward working together as a team.

The day concludes with:

  • a debrief, focusing on activities from the day, and how they may relate to individual roles in a team
  • A 500-meter race between all boats, with medals given out accordingly

How much does it cost?

Costs are determined based on factors, such as: 

  • Number of participants (150euro per seat. Minimum 6 seats) 
  • The event duration, such as half-day, full-day, week or multiple-week programming
  • Desired focus points of the department we are engaging
  • Costs determined when working through a local rowing club or university location

Do you need rowing experience?

Not at all! This is basically a learn to row course with a little team building and competition thrown in for  fun. Most participants have never set foot in a rowing shell before their first class 

Are you ready to row?
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