Introductory Offers

Bring a Friend

Are you and your friend looking for an activity to achieve your fitness? Have you considered a goal-oriented team activity like rowing to work better together? Here is a great way to save, and learn something new!

€ 15,-
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Studio Package Deals


Drop in on a studio class, and enjoy learning the basics including a nice 45 minute medium intensity session to keep you active during this season.  

€ 12,-
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Starter/ 3 class

Not quite ready to make a real commitment to rowing? No sweat! We have you covered.

€ 30,-
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Novice/ 15 class

Are you looking for an option to commit to the studio class, but not tied to a contract? This might be for you.

€ 180,-
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Novice/ 15 class ONLINE

Are you looking for an option to commit to rowing online, but not tied to a contract? This might be for you.

€ 150,-
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Private Row Instruction

Private Lessons

Private lessons are perfect for anyone who wants one-on-one instruction with their favorite instructor or who has specific goals they want to achieve. Our certified instructors are available by appointment for private and semi private lessons.

€ 50,-
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This option provides unlimited access to Robox Fitness classes and events held at our studio. You are billed once per month; re-occurring 3 times. At the end of this billing cycle, you are again offered this contract via an automatic renewal at €60pm. 

€ 50,- p.m.
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Certified Row Education


Professional rowing coaches provide a tailored education toward the Olympic rowing stroke. This package is designed as a private lesson; assuming 2 hours of activity for 1 to 2 persons.

€ 65,- p.p
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In addition to providing tailored education toward the Olympic rowing stroke, a 4-week training plan optimized using the Performance Monitor is included.

€ 75,- p.p
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In addition to what is provided in the Novice package, training is further maximized by administering a step test to accurately determine your maximum heart rate on the indoor rowing machine. The option for on-water learn to row (LTR) and race planning is unlocked.  

€ 95,- p.p
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This option offers a unique program set to accommodate any corporation’s specific needs: half or full day master classes or team building events with flexible timing.  This program is a favorite for organizations to bring in outside colleagues for fun or challenging teambuilding environments.

€ 125,- p.p
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Note that the Novice, Advanced and Corporate packages are designed as master classes; assuming a half day of activity for 4+ persons. Travel and provision for indoor rowing machines is an additional cost.

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